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Beads Color Picker

Here we have Beads Color picker for Perlers.

0. You could optionally use Image color picker to pass a color onto this page/tool
1. Enter decimal RGB color value of color you're trying to match.
2. Check/uncheck beads type to include. Check/uncheck special beads to EXCLUDE
3. Click on a button to use that method to find closest colors
4. Eye the color that best match your chosen color, and use that bead color (Generally, colors on top match better than colors that appear on the bottom, but color matching is a complex subject so eyeing it is the best once shown a group of closely matched color)
5. Bottom most button finds blend of 2 color combination used if you want to alternate between 2 colors of beads to get the blended color
Beads/Perler Color picker (Javascript)
Red Value (R):
Green Value (G):
Blue Value (R):
Include Hama:
Include Nabbi:
Include Perler:
Include Artkal:
Exclude Transp:
Exclude Pearl:
Exclude Metal:
Exclude Glow:
Exclude Glitter:

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Credit: This similar program was described to me by Motoruxin (A creative cross-stitcher streamer).
It was once an available similar program but then was no longer available.
So, credit to Motoruxin for description of program for cross-stitching.
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