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DMC Color Picker

Here we have DMC Color picker for cross-stitchers.

(Also known as the RGB to DMC floss converter).
0. You could optionally use Image color picker to pass a color onto this page/tool
1. Enter RGB values (decimal) color you're trying to match in to input boxes
2. Click on a button to see the closest matched colors using that method
3. Eye color(s) that seem to closely match your chosen color. That is the color you want to use.
4. Try different methods/buttons (depending on color, some method might work better).
5. Bottom most 3 buttons is for finding blend of 2 colors combination that closely match your chosen color.
DMC Color picker (Javascript)
Red Value (R):
Green Value (G):
Blue Value (R):

Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.
Credit: This program was described to me by Motoruxin (A creative cross-stitcher streamer).
It was once an available similar program but then was no longer available.
So, credit to Motoruxin for description of program.
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