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Convert some sample text with meanings into just sample text that has no meaning.

Post#1 by tim » 21 Nov 2016, 01:03

Often times when working with text especially designing something to hold text,
you might want to use some text that has no meaning but still have spaces and line breaks and things like commas, question marks (?), periods, etc...
Keep the look and feel the same, just take its meaning away.
One of the ways, we can do that is to scramble the vowels with other vowels, and scramble consonants with other consonants.
This codeskulptor program is here to do that for you.
Just go to this link --> Generate sample text
Paste any paragraph (multi-line chunk) of text in the box, and click the button.
And it'll generate the scrambled version.
Each time you click the button, you'll get a different shuffled version of your original text.

Here are a few samples of some text generated by using the above post.

Ijpon pytod bhon bicsynr byph poxp odfogyulla kodyrnynr ditophynr pi hilk poxp,
aie tyrhp bunp pi edo dito poxp phup hud ni tounynr wep dpyll huzo dfugod unk lyno wcousd unk phynrd lyso gittud, meodpyin tucsd (?), focyikd, opg...
Soof pho liis unk jool pho duto, qedp puso ypd tounynr ubua.
Ino ij pho buad, bo gun ki phup yd pi dgcutwlo pho zibold byph iphoc zibold, unk dgcutwlo gindinunpd byph iphoc gindinunpd.
Phyd gikodselfpic fcircut yd hoco pi ki phup jic aie.
Qedp ri pi phyd lyns --> Ronocupo dutflo poxp
Fudpo una fucurcufh (telpy-lyno ghens) ij poxp yn pho wix, unk glygs pho weppin.
Unk yp'll ronocupo pho dgcutwlok zocdyin.
Ough pyto aie glygs pho weppin, aie'll rop u kyjjoconp dhejjlok zocdyin ij aiec icyrynul poxp.

Exkyd komyr bhyd begsodt bokh kyjk yrfycoawwi vyrotdodt remykhodt ke hewv kyjk,
ieu mothk badk ke ury remy kyjk khak har de myadodt luk rkoww hazy rfacyr adv wody lgyasr adv khodtr wosy cemmar, nuyrkoed magsr (?), fygoevr, ykc...
Syyf khy wees adv xyyw khy ramy, purk kasy okr myadodt abai.
Edy ex khy bair, by cad ve khak or ke rcgamlwy khy zebywr bokh ekhyg zebywr, adv rcgamlwy cedredadkr bokh ekhyg cedredadkr.
Khor cevyrsuwfkeg fgetgam or hygy ke ve khak xeg ieu.
Purk te ke khor wods --> Tydygaky ramfwy kyjk
Farky adi fagatgafh (muwko-wody chuds) ex kyjk od khy lej, adv cwocs khy lukked.
Adv ok'ww tydygaky khy rcgamlwyv zygroed.
Yach komy ieu cwocs khy lukked, ieu'ww tyk a voxxygydk rhuxxwyv zygroed ex ieug egotodaw kyjk.
0 x

aka Tin

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