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Creating equilateral triangles pattern.

Post#1 by tim » 22 Feb 2017, 07:29

ref: ... n_link_in/

Here's an .xcf that can be used to select equilateral triangles (using the fuzzy select tool with a low threshold).
equilateral_triangles_pattern.xcf #
(3.24 MiB) Downloaded 23 times
here's the .png of the working area the area we want to focus on.
equilateral_triangles.png # (172.54 KiB) Viewed 316 times (Watermarked | Thumbnail)
This you can use the fuzzy select tool to select individual triangles and color them in on a separate layer playing with layer's modes and opacity.

How i created this .xcf in GIMP:
1. I created multiple guides using the Add multiple guides in range script,
telling it to create 10 vertical sections, then 1 horizontal section.
2. Created a path that had points on every other rectangles (so 5 points).
3. Then used Select guides surrounding active path points script
4. On a new layer, fill selection with white.
5. Made copies of layer from 4 to extend them beyond top of image and beyond bottom of image so that when we rotate they are more than enough will cover our whole image. Merged them together as one layer.
6. Made copy of layer from step 5. Rotated 60 degrees.
7. Made copy of layer from step 5. Rotated -60 degrees.
8. Change opacity of layers so that they reveal equilateral triangles.
9. New from Visible and we have a layer that has different gray scale of triangles next to each other.
10. Now with this layer, we can use the fuzzy select tool (with a low threshold) to select individual triangles to work with our design.
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