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Forum icons added

Post#1 by tim » 10 Oct 2016, 16:46

I just added simple icons to list of Forums for each forum.
Hopefully it looks okay and is representative of the forums.

My logics:
Image for "Say Hello" forum is the only one animated,
i figure it's the first thing everyone sees if it's animated maybe it'll encourage people to join and say "Hi!".

Image for "Gimp Learn" forum because it's gimp so I should promote GIMP with GIMP's logo (Wilbur). EDIT: But this one is golden, as you learn your way to get the GIMP's Golden Wilbur.

Image for "GIMP Python Fu Scripts" forum because scripts are written in Python programming language so a Python logo seems fitting.

Image for "GIMP Scheme Scripts" forum because scripts are written in Scheme so I found on the net that scheme's logo is just an upside-down Y. I didn't even know the existence of this logo. But because it's Tiny Scheme I added a magnifying glass.

Image for "GIMP Resources" forum because well real life resources are usually packed in boxes..right? :lol:

Image for "The Arts" forum because Mona Lisa is world famous masterpiece. Everyone knows the Mona Lisa. It seems like it'd be a good icon to represent all of our "Arts".
EDIT: Okay I lied, "Say Hello" is not the only animated one. I wanted more famous pieces to represent "The Arts" so this one icon switches to famous pieces or portions of "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo, "The Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh, "Girl with a Pearl Earing" by Johannes Vermeer, "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" (five nude female) by Pablo Picasso. Five famous art pieces to represent "The Arts".

Image for "Anything Goes" forum because trains go and they travel far and wide. They can carry many people at the same time taking people to different places for exploration so this forum can have many different topics on any a wide range of subjects. That's the best i could come up with anyways.

In the future i might have to add more forums (but i think it's alright for now).
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