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Post#1 by RJKD » 06 Jul 2017, 16:50

This post is not intended as advice. I run Gimp 2.8 Win7 32bit and am probably the least technically minded person on this forum.
I 'tried' to install the latest G'MIC and a lot went wrong with my Gimp. I had to go to a restore point and virtually re-build my Gimp.
The first time I extracted the unzipped G'MIC into my Gimp plug-in directory - all hell broke loose.
After the restore, i unzipped the G'MIC download, put the folder into my Gimp plug-in directory, opened Gimp and went Edit>Preferences>Folder Management>Plug-ins and selected the new G'MIC folder. Closed Gimp.
Upon re-starting Gimp, i have G'MIC 1.7.9 and the latest QT both running and all filters (inc Mathmap) working fine.

I just wanted to share in case it helps anyone because i was going to throw my machine out the window!!!
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Post#2 by Ella » 06 Jul 2017, 18:19

Thank you for sharing, RJKD.
I will try it out later on maybe. I don't know anybody to repair my window yet :o :)
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