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Post#1 by RJKD » 03 Oct 2016, 07:31

Hi RJKD here (Richard Jo KIng Douglas). I'm hoping to learn more about 'hands on' GIMP use, I find filters are fun but I need to learn more about how to manipulate layers and such like. I'm looking for (what I believe) the gap between beginner and intermediate having no technology experience. T and the guys at GimpChat are FAB and I'll always have a debt of gratitude to them. Thanx for this T, I hope I'll be able to contribute. RJKD :D
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Post#2 by trandoductin » 03 Oct 2016, 09:50

Hi RJKD, welcome to GIMP LEARN forum and thank you for joining.
I am not all that experienced in GIMP either, i know a few things but i wouldn't consider myself that pro with GIMP.
This forum I started for fun when i wanted to add see an extra reply/views column. But it's not that straight forward so far i wasn't able to find solutions.
back about GIMP... I hope this new forum grows slowly over time so i am able to monitor all posts... and learn GIMP along with any content that's added. I think it would be a fun journey.
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