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How I downloaded a large file (8 Gigs) from

Post#1 by tim » 23 Nov 2016, 19:58

My aunt sent me an email, in it, a link to an 8 Gig video file on
I tried numerous times to download the file by going to the "Direct Download" option on
The download in the browser would die every single time after a while, never reached the end.
So, what I did to get this file was use the "Save to my dropbox" option.
Even though the file is 8 Gig and my free dropbox account limit is only 2 Gig, it still let me save the file to my dropbox.
Then after this, i have gone over the limit but so i can't save anymore files but I guess having one file push over the limit is okay.
Then, I installed the dropbox app on my Windows 10 laptop and after install, i let it sync to my dropbox folder.
Because the file is large it estimated about 3 hrs or 2 hrs to sync.
So I went to bed. :off_to_bed_purple:
And the next morning, the 8 Gig file was synced on Windows 10 hard-drive.
So it was like having a successful large file download using dropbox's auto sync.
I guess this way, as long as i keep deleting files when i am done with them on dropbox, i can sync a larger file than the 2 Gig limit.
Good method, eh?
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aka Tin

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