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I have just added [img_description=] bbcode

Post#1 by tim » 08 Sep 2017, 22:51

It's for when you include an image from a different source (not attachment, because attachments already have ALT tag).
you would declare for example

Code: Select all

so I could have something like this

Code: Select all

[img_description=Bruce Lee from Bruce Lee Thread][/img_description]
and it'll show up like this.
Bruce Lee from Bruce Lee Thread
Where you can hover over image and it'll show description and also the ALT tag that's set to your image description makes it friendly to search engines.

PS: If you attach images because the ALT tag uses the file name, if you name your file like some descriptive before you attach them, it'll be more search engine friendly. For example "A leaping frog.jpg" or "A_leaping_frog.jpg" is much more better than "002.jpg" because I read that search engines will look at ALT tags, an ALT tag set to 002.jpg won't be very search engine friendly.

Thank you for reading this post and consideration for future posts. Have a splendid day! ;)
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