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Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 15:53
by Roger-Ca
Hi T, ie: admin

Found you through gimp-chat forum :gimp_clap:

Two things:

1) Are you going to teach us how to script ? Like the real basic's, how to get started, etc ? or make a tutorial, if you dont already have a tutorial.

2) the select language thing, English doesn't pop-up as an option, here.

I really appreciate the scripts you've made already, I even use some. The rest are installed ready and waiting.

Mostly I use gimp for photo retouching. I have Reshade64, Raw Therapee, Light Zone, and Darktable, too.

I also installed Nexus font and AMP font viewer managers. I learned that from gimpchat.

Oh, I am a win7 and Linux <SuSE> user.

Re: Intro

Posted: 24 Oct 2016, 16:22
by tim
Hi Roger-Ca.
Welcome to GL!

1) I don't have a tutorial that teaches how to script. But I have sample templates for python-fu and scheme-fu.
These are empty scripts that don't do much.
Then you can add your own code calling different procedures using the procedure browser in GIMP.
I don't think i am qualified enough to do a whole tutorial on how to script.
If you try to script with those templates and run into trouble I can always help you get your script running.

2) I think the it doesn't have English because the site is already in English, it's for other languages if you want to use Google Translate to translate the content into other languages.

EDIT: here i just wrote a hopefully good enough tutorial to get you started writing scripts in Python-Fu Writing Python-Fu Scripts for GIMP