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Layer Tools - make visible Layers from Contiguous Sets of layers

Post#1 by animicule » 21 Nov 2017, 19:12

Create New From Visible Layers from
contiguous sets of layers.
Has option to exclude a bottom Background layer from the count.

So if you have 36 layers which are 6 items made of 6 contiguous layers each,
This will allow you to make visible those 6 sets of 6 layers

Option to exclude a bottom background layer from the count.
The background layer will not be visible in the new layer no matter
if the option is selected, it only removes it from the layer count.
Then choose the Start Position (top layer is number 0)
and the number of contiguous layers in the set.

It will be found in a menubar folder named ZLayer-Tool far to the right hand
side, close to the layer stack
01 BA_LayerTool_create_visible sets by #
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