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Neural Networks used to get numbers for Lotteries(649,LottoMax,Powerball,Megamillion)

Post#1 by tim » 05 Dec 2016, 02:25

Disclaimer: Using neural network to predict lottery numbers does not necessarily increase your odds of winning because draws are not dependent on previous draws results, but it sure makes more fun to play.

To run these neural networks.
You need Anaconda (Python 2.7) installed.
Libraries needed are: neurolab, numpy, termcolor, urllib2, os, zipfile (use pip to install these after having Anaconda installed, you can just install anyone of these libraries by using "pip install neurolab" from a terminal/command window where neurolab is your library name)
After you have these above installed.
You can download and extract this file: #
(6.97 KiB) Downloaded 73 times
It'll have 4 folders, one for each lottery type.
While inside one of the lottery folders, you can run from command/terminal

"python" to initially create the neural network. This only needs to run once.

"python" to grab historical data for that type of lottery from the internet into that working folder. This can be run whenever there's a new draw result for that lottery type.

"python" to continually train the network and simulate to get output of simulation (numbers with probabilities) that you can use to play the lottery with. This process loops forever so Control-C to break out of it it'll save the network in file called "" if "" is corrupted by accident because of Control-C process, just copy "" over to "".

Good luck.
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