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Searching on GIMP LEARN forum

Post#1 by tim » 26 Jan 2017, 20:26

I tried to search for "Add Gimp Decor" to see if i have this script available on here as well as
and it said that these were all common words so it didn't show.
So I thought that was annoying.
What if I want to search for common words?
So I changed the common word threshold to 100% meaning it won't ignore any common words which is what i am aiming for then deleted all the indexes and rebuilt them.
And now...... voila!
I can search for "Add Gimp Decor" and it shows up.
I guess searching on google using: " Add Gimp Decor" would have worked.
But google searches take time to show up (time needed for their robots to crawl this forum).
What if you wanted your content instantly available for searching on this forum?
So i am pretty happy with that change, no more ignoring common words.

(Notice i have a link to I am kind'a trying to grow roots into, too bad my links to GC are all broken now, I will grow this forum's roots into the WWW damn it,
I encourage people to share their website under their profile (like mahvin) especially if it's GIMP related, the WWW is better when it's all interlinked, it'll increase your site's online presence as well as this forum's that's the goal, to grow together).
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aka Tin

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