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Simple Python program to make your typing sound like Typewriter

Post#1 by tim » 13 Oct 2017, 05:53

This is for Windows. (Linux [Ubuntu] version is added as well)
You just need Python 3.6 installed.
And pynput installed (using command "python -m pip install pynput").

Then anytime you have program running (using command "python"), any typing you do will have sound effects like on a Typewriter.
ESC to quit program.

Here's the program zipped up with all the .wav files needed.
:download: #
version 1.
(224.58 KiB) Downloaded 67 times
typewriter (2).zip #
version 2. Rings at end of line warning bell at 80 characters
(324.62 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
:download: #
Linux version. Tested on Ubuntu. use "sudo apt-get install osspd" as well as "pip install pynput".
And run "python" instead of "python".
(329.04 KiB) Downloaded 24 times
Enjoy... I sure did writing it.

You can see it working in the video below:

Sound samples used taken from this video:
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aka Tin

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