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Water (watermarked) and Thumb (Thumbnail)

Post#1 by tim » 04 Oct 2017, 16:41

Water and Thumb links below attachments will take us to custom pages now instead of directly to the image.

The custom pages will try to show Watermarked version or Thumbnail version of image. It also shows a link to the post that the image was attached to.
This is so that if someone finds our watermarked version or Thumbnail version on google image searches, they can find (go to) the original post easily.

Also if for some reason watermarked version or thumbnail version isn't found (sometimes this happens, not sure why yet, it's rare but it does happen), original image is shown.

Watermarked version page where watermarked version isn't found: watermark.php?id=6694
Thumbnail version page where Thumbnail version isn't found: thumbnail.php?id=6694
Watermarked version page where watermarked version is found: watermark.php?id=6695
Thumbnail version where thumbnail version is found: thumbnail.php?id=6695
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