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Anything Goesmatching DMC colors to RGB color (for cross stitching). (Showcase | Slideshow)

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matching DMC colors to RGB color (for cross stitching).

Post#1 by tim » 22 Mar 2017, 06:37

I was watching cross stiching,
and she mentioned a site that used to allow you enter RGB color values of a color, and it would show matching/similar DMC thread colors to this color.
And she said that the site is no longer up or it's taken down.
So I wrote this Codeskulptor DMC matching colors program that runs in your browser (Just click the play button to start the program)

version 2: also shows RGB difference so that if you have colors really close match and hard to decide you can example RGB difference to make better judgement call Codeskulptor DMC matching colors showing RGB diff

version 3: has "find closest Lab color" which I think is amazing at finding similar colors
Codeskulptor DMC matching colors with Lab colors

version 4: after using a method to find closest colors, you can click on blend and it'll try to find blend colors by using 2 thread combinations.
this version shows blend as horizontal lines alternating between color 1 and color 2.

verion 5: this version is like version 4, except instead of alternating horizontal lines, it shows alternating dots of colors between color 1 and color 2.
Personally, i think this version represents the blend nicer, since if you blend 2 colors you'd likely get alternating dots since it is a cross stich instead of alternating horizontal lines.

Program input and outputs (screen shot).
program_inputs_and_outputs_DMC_matching_colors.jpg # (101.85 KiB) Viewed 637 times (Watermarked | Thumbnail)
Sample output of matching colors:
black_default_matching_dmc.jpg # (97.58 KiB) Viewed 638 times (Watermarked | Thumbnail)
plum_match.jpg # (99.88 KiB) Viewed 638 times (Watermarked | Thumbnail)
red_matching_dmc.jpg # (100.9 KiB) Viewed 638 times (Watermarked | Thumbnail)

Since we're on topic of DMC thread matching colors and cross stitching related, you might be interested in generate-cross-stitch-pattern-and-dmc-t ... r-gimp-519
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