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phpbb How to change Topic titles of posts (in phpMyAdmin)

Post#1 by tim » 07 Apr 2017, 15:23

phpbb currently allows you to edit Topic title(Subject) of first each post.
To change topic title, just change first post's subject.

But I wanted to change all posts subjects. Here's what i did in phpMyAdmin.

First I selected the topic of interest.

Code: Select all

SELECT * FROM phpbbsf_topics WHERE topic_title = 'Glimps';
It returned a single row with topic_id = 238

Then I ran these 3 queries

Code: Select all

UPDATE phpbbsf_topics SET topic_title = 'Glimps RJKD artwork' WHERE topic_id = 238 AND topic_title = 'Glimps';
UPDATE phpbbsf_posts SET post_subject = 'Re: Glimps RJKD artwork' WHERE topic_id = 238 AND post_subject = 'Re: Glimps';
UPDATE phpbbsf_posts SET post_subject = 'Glimps RJKD artwork' WHERE topic_id = 238 AND post_subject = 'Glimps';
First update statement updates the topic's record to reflect new topic title.
Second Update updates all the posts replying to the topic with the 'Re: ' in front of it.
Third Update updates just updates the first post's subject to say that the topic title does.

There you have it.
Now you can manually change all your posts subjects that belong to a specific topic.
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