Making Your First Custom Font in Gimp 2.10

If you have used Gimp in the past, but never before made a Custom Font, try out this relatively painless way of making your first one. Then you too will be able to transform plain letters like this… …into exciting characters like this and use them in your own creations. Before you begin you will … Continue reading

Photofont or Customfont – the Skinnyhouse Way

I started creating Gimp-style Photofonts in order to create images with a shaped message in; like the one above. To speed up the process of creating these Custom Fonts I have written a number of plug-ins, known as Custom Font Tools, to use in Gimp (2.10). Making a Custom Font used to take days but, … Continue reading

Photofont aka Custom Font

Photofonts are fonts that use full-color images as the font characters. Regular fonts have one color (usually black). Regular fonts can have other colors but they’re all solid color so if you were to change the font’s color, the whole font would change color. Because photofonts use full-color images, you’re not limited to one solid … Continue reading

Your free Lite plan IBM Watson assistant can know more than 100 things

So, as I happily added dialog nodes to my Watson assistant’s skill, I wonder if there’s a limit. So I looked it up and there is a limit of 100 dialog nodes per skill and 5 skills. I thought: if I could have 5 skills and 100 nodes each then my chat bot can learn … Continue reading

Friendly nested levels (multithread) of comments/replies on WordPress

What I have discovered about WordPress is that you can have multi-level nested comments/replies.It’s multi-threaded which is a fresh view from a forum’s perspective which is only 1-level comment or even on Facebook/Youtube which is maxium 2-level comment. As you can see in the above image, WordPress (shown on left) allows for multi-thread comments/replies. Where … Continue reading

Show summary with “Continue Reading” link instead of full text post on main page for posts

The below is what I did in order to make my main WordPress page (index.php) to show summaries for posts instead of full text posts. I think it’s much friendlier because users don’t have to scroll down forever to see when they can just skim over summaries. I found the solution in this post: … Continue reading