Friendly nested levels (multithread) of comments/replies on WordPress

What I have discovered about WordPress is that you can have multi-level nested comments/replies.
It’s multi-threaded which is a fresh view from a forum’s perspective which is only 1-level comment or even on Facebook/Youtube which is maxium 2-level comment.

On the left is WordPress comments/replies, On the right is Facebook comments/replies

As you can see in the above image, WordPress (shown on left) allows for multi-thread comments/replies. Where on facebook only allows a 2nd level of replies (if you reply to a 2nd level, it’ll be on the same level as the comment you reply to [2nd level]).

On a forum, there’s only ever one thread, so if you reply to a comment that is further back in the queue, it’s hard to see how it relates to it (especially when it’s not quoting the comment it’s replying to). And quoting isn’t all that friendly because if there are multi-threads going on it would seem like people are jumping all over the place replying and quoting all the time looks too busy.

A multi-thread comments/replies ability gives a nice and organized flow of conversation (At least I think so).

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