Workaround to get GIMP’s help working

Today a forum member asked about why GIMP’s help keeps crashing on Windows.

I went into my Windows 2008 VPS and tried to use F1 and was able to see the same error in GIMP 2.10.12.

It complained something about failure on execution of the help-browser.exe file.

I was brainstorming on how I can work around this problem. GIMP 2.8.22 never had this problem.

So what I was thinking if I can get it to work like GIMP 2.8.22 then it should be good.

My initial plan was just to see if the .exe in GIMP 2.10 was broken.. I wondered if I replaced that help-browser.exe from 2.8.22 if it would work but then the help might be for 2.8.22 but it should be better than not working at all (although not ideal to have help from another version).

I then installed renamed GIMP 2 as GIMP 2 bak and installed 2.8.22.

Turns out I didn’t need the help.exe files from 2.8 at all…..but the installing of 2.8 managed to fix the HELP error maybe i did something to the machine.

I then went in renamed the GIMP 2 (which is now 2.8.22) to GIMP 2.8

and renamed the GIMP 2 bak back to GIMP 2

then restarted GIMP 2.10.12 and the Help started to work.

I was really happy with this workaround (it made my day more fruitful).

My guess is users who have previously had 2.8 installed on there machine would never see this error. Only new users who just installed GIMP for the first time will see this error ..which might be bad since it might possibly turn them off from ever trying GIMP again. But this workaround helps with that.

You can see full instructional details of my workaround to this problem here ->

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