Your free Lite plan IBM Watson assistant can know more than 100 things

So, as I happily added dialog nodes to my Watson assistant’s skill, I wonder if there’s a limit.

So I looked it up and there is a limit of 100 dialog nodes per skill and 5 skills.

I thought: if I could have 5 skills and 100 nodes each then my chat bot can learn up to 500 things. But this isn’t the case as an assistant bot can only have 1 skill linked to him.

So then I thought how I can teach my bot to know more than 100 things. And it’s possible using multiple responses (selecting Customize while on the node editor and turn on Multiple responses).

The trick is to know ahead of time of what things are similar and group them as an intent, then distinguish them by keywords which can be entities then create a single node for that intent and check for entities and reply accordingly.

Here’s an example of what I did for 3 of pieces of knowledge:

dmc is the similar keyword, other words distinguish which dmc it is

So in my example I have 3 pieces of knowledge that I’d like my bot to know… they’re all dmc related so I created an intent called “dmc“. Then I created @dmc_type entity and entered 3 different possible values to distinguish between “picker”, “palette” and “setter”. Then in my node, i have 3 different responses based on which entity it found that went along with the #dmc intent.

So instead of having 3 different intents and 3 different nodes.

With this design you could have 100 intents or main categories and then for each subcategory you just make it part of that intent. So your FREE Lite plan IBM Watson Assistant can know more than 100 things.

My site is free and doesn’t make any money, at least not enough to go to a paid plan of chatbot so I have to think creatively to maximize the FREE bot’s capabilities.

Of course, I am assuming that you just want a simple bot that answers simple questions. If you want to go deeper into multi-level responses, then I guess you’d run out of the limit really fast and will need to purchase a paid plan.

I just want my bot to be simple knowledge base about my site of scripts/plug-ins. Nothing fancy.

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