Photofont aka Custom Font

Photofonts are fonts that use full-color images as the font characters.

Regular fonts have one color (usually black). Regular fonts can have other colors but they’re all solid color so if you were to change the font’s color, the whole font would change color.

Because photofonts use full-color images, you’re not limited to one solid color (or solid color designs). Even though photofonts aren’t true fonts (like you couldn’t type with photofonts), photofonts are usually used as decoration/design only. You wouldn’t want to read paragraphs made up of photofonts but photofonts do have their place.

Photofont/Custom-Font using the Custom Font Script
Photofont/Custom-Font using the Custom Font on Path plug-in

On GIMP Learn forum, photofonts are just called “Custom fonts” because they are custom designed by our members.

Custom fonts on GL forum come in an .xcf format (GIMP’s native file format).

To use them you need one of these script/plug-in:

‘Custom Font’ Script or the ‘Custom Font on Path’ Plug-in.

And you can get Photofonts/Custom-fonts font files from

The ‘Custom Font’ Script will allow you to choose a font file and generate a string of text using that font file (see first image above).

The ‘Custom Font on Path’ plug-in will allow you to draw a path then running the plug-in which will allow you to choose a font file and generate a string of text to fit over the drawn path. (See 2nd image above).

To create these font files to use with these scripts/plug-ins you can read the Instructions to create font-files.

That’s pretty much it about Photofont (Custom fonts on GIMP Learn Forum).

If you have any questions about creating/using these Photofonts, feel free to join our forum and ask questions. We’re always willing to help.

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